Stephanie Cook- Haven Realty

StyleHouse has been amazing and filled what I felt like was a bit of a hole in my real estate business. I am a big believer in specialization and “staying in my lane” and also in investing in my listings to get results. I have experience and opinions and can provide recommendations, but I feel like I owe my clients the very best when they entrust me (and pay me) to list their homes. I want to make sure that they are getting the very best advice from someone who specializes in staging. I love that Jamie and Suzanne focus on occupied listings and that they are willing to address any awkward concerns with the homeowners, which protects my relationship with my clients. I also love that I am not having to stress about analyzing every little detail and can focus my energy where it is most effective. I have started to include a 2-hour consultation as part of my listing package, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. They really help my clients focus on the things that make the biggest impact in the photos. The photos for the last home that they helped stage for me came back so wonderfully that we decided to push the price up by $25k, and we had multiple offers within a few days. I would say that’s an impressive return on investment!